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The Hungarian Sabre Fencing School has been teaching military sabre fencing based on the methodology developed in the Miklos Toldi Royal Hungarian Institute of Military Sports and Fencing (Miklós Toldi és Honvéd Sporttanár Vívómester képző Intézet) founded in 1925.

The Miklos Toldi Institute became a prestigious fencing academy in the 1930s. The school was involved in research dedicated to the development of fencing techniques. It also taught fencing with three weapons: sabre, épée and foil. The Institute’s most important and most advanced weapon in technical terms was sabre. Only the military could “enter the lists” of this prestigious school. In its history, only one student was a civilian: Aladár Gerevich, outstanding and prize-winning fencer.

Sabre Fencing School is managed by BSFA – Baltic Sabre Fencing Association. We have headquarters in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Malta. We also work closely with nine schools in Hungary run under the auspices of the Magyar Szablyavívó Iskola. We are small but close group of people who interest on Sabre fencing and all the knowledge of historical Sabre art.





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